Women's Health Retreat (Matara, Kingscote, Stroud)


Women's Health Retreat
Tuesday 7th July – Thursday 9th July
 Matara,  Kingscote,  Gloucestershire.

Women are often nourishing others and forget to nourish themselves. This retreat led by Daphne Lambert gives spaciousness for self nourishment with natural foods, gentle yoga and walks.

Three days at Matara will create a nurturing oasis in your life, supporting you to find greater balance. You will learn about the best foods to support digestion, make bones strong, boost the immune system, and create health, vitality & radiance for your journey through life.

Meals are prepared together in the kitchen from Summer foods, and nutrition, uniquely for women is explored in daily workshops.

Be prepared for a blissful three days

                                Lavender Yoga2

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