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Food & Health (Stroud)

An inspiring workshop discovering how the foods you choose to eat affect you physically, mentally & spiritually and determine not only individual well-being but the health of the planet.  This is a hands on workshop, participants prepare their meals in the kitchen from fresh, organically grown and seasonal food.

The workshop covers:

* Exploring our relationship with nature and how we grow & produce our food
* The effect of food on the acid and alkaline balance in the body
* The benefits of whole-foods
* Sprouting and sprout greens
* What are the right fats to eat?
* Artisan preservation - fermenting & drying
* How to create balance & radiance

Course costs £295.00 per person

Dates available:

Next available workshop January 2015 tbc

For further information contact Daphne Lambert on 07796686629 or use our contact form