Rest & Revitalise

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Year round rest & revitalise retreats available for solos or couples that need some dedicated attention.

For many people changing their diet can be extremely challenging as our eating habits are deeply embedded, however, whether you are sick and seeking to discover the healing power of food or whether you just want to ensure you make healthy food choices working with Daphne will inspire you and give you the confidence to change the way you eat.

A three day R & R retreat takes place at Greencuisine Trust in Lewes and includes:

time to relax - sleeping, reading, walking, reflexology – you choose
learning about the right foods for you and creating a diet to bring balance to your life
practical sessions in the kitchen
all meals so you will enjoy eating and drinking nourishing foods
accommodation in a double-bedded room
private bathroom

The three days/nights R & R costs £650.00 per person and is all inclusive

for further information contact daphne@greencuisinetrust.org

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'Thank you Daphne for sharing your depth of experience and perspective with me. You've truly inspired me in the kitchen and deepened my understanding of well being; this overflows to family and friends who benefit too from your generosity.'
Client UK

'To call Daphne a pioneer in Living Food would be to understate her relationship to this movement. She is a prophetess whose wisdom stretches from the rich connections between soil & soul to practical and delicious recipes that nourish the body, mind & spirit.'
Medical Director Primary Care LA USA

'There is no doubt in my mind that it was your refreshing approach and unwavering commitment that changed my daughter's downward spiral of health. Thank-you for your patience and generosity in sharing your knowledge and wisdom.'
Mother of client UK